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(Emily’s version)

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Daryl watching Beth from the doorway; 4x01/4x13

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One day you’ll meet someone
Who doesn’t care about your past
Because they want to b e  w i t h  y o u in the future. (insp) x

I don’t have a choice but I’d still choose you

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I know us shippers can get a lot hate about being overly obsessive with what is objectively a small portion of the show, but you know what? I’ll raise my hand. I’m guilty. I legitimately forget there is more to life than Ian and Mickey sometimes. More than sometimes. More like these entire four…

I just got into the show and ian and mickey are my end game. Hands down you can tell Mickey loves him and if I talk to much about it i couldnt really care less. Because I love this show and can’t wait for next season.

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I love that outfits. A lot. 

Ian & Mickey are end game! Idc what Mickey’s dad does or his wife or anyone else they are end game!

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Newest obsession SHAMELESS! And my newest otp Ian/Mickey!

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