I know us shippers can get a lot hate about being overly obsessive with what is objectively a small portion of the show, but you know what? I’ll raise my hand. I’m guilty. I legitimately forget there is more to life than Ian and Mickey sometimes. More than sometimes. More like these entire four…

I just got into the show and ian and mickey are my end game. Hands down you can tell Mickey loves him and if I talk to much about it i couldnt really care less. Because I love this show and can’t wait for next season.

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I love that outfits. A lot. 

Ian & Mickey are end game! Idc what Mickey’s dad does or his wife or anyone else they are end game!

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Newest obsession SHAMELESS! And my newest otp Ian/Mickey!

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Ah, gli amori miei *.*

Perdita di circa 50 lettori (omofobi) tra




Perché, come ci insegna “Queer as folk”, i gay trombano (anche più e meglio degli etero): non sono solo dei ridicoli asessuati, piume e brillantini, stile Malgioglio! Questa è la finta immagine, rassicurante, per i bigotti e conservatori…


Norman Reedus interviewed by Elliott of Little Punk People x

because of a budding on-set romance.

bethyl week // day 2 // Red

He don't deserve the way her nails scratch just right into his skin, making new and fading red lines right next'ta his old tarnished ones, flourished in bad memories, like she thinks he needs a reminder that this is different, or somethin'.

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"It’s been very interesting to have this grunting, wild animal paired with this nice, young, eloquent girl who speaks her mind."
Norman Reedus - Walking Dead Magazine Issue #9 (via jennifercarolyn)
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